Game Projects

One of my frequent reoccurring interests is game programming as well as game design. Over the years I worked on different concepts which each explored a specific area or concept. All the concepts listed below did begin during my studies, but none of them reached a final point to be released fully. The list below shows the title of each project and if available some further reference to existing material.

Orbital - 3D Multiplayer Space Ship Simulator
Cells - Always Online Concept
Lootgame - Browser Exploration
Space Exploration - Educational Game
Infection - University Project (Unity)
Survive - Python/PyGame Multiplayer Puzzle

Hamburg Bit-Bots

During my masters degree I was part of a RoboCup team named Hamburg Bit-Bots. The RoboCup promotes science and engineering research in robotics by holding regular events that consists of many different challenges within robotics. Our team was participating in the Humanoid Kid Size Soccer League. In that league the goal was to build humanoid robots which where capable playing soccer as a team. We participated in several national events in Germany, where we won the 2nd place in 2013. At the global level I took part in the World Championship 2012 in Mexico City, 2013 in The Netherlands, 2014 in brazila nd 2015 in China. The video of the event in Mexico gives you a brief impression of the atmosphere at such en event.