Curiculum Vitae

Overview of my education (including courses I took), projects, and previous experience, skills, interests and language capabilities. View (english)

Skill sheets

Each of those single page documents give you an insight about myself on a specific topic and my skills in this area.
Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence (english)
Game Design & Game Programming (english)
Hamburg Bit-Bots & Project Management (english)

Bachelor Thesis

My bachelor thesis explores the sound source localisation capabilities of a humanoid robot. I presented a correlation based approach to estimated the ITD (Interaural Time Difference) which after going through a neural networks results in an angle a sound is coming from. View (german)

Master Thesis

My master thesis explores the possibilities to estimate USK classes for video games based on machine learning (classification) on networks build from ordinal data comparisons to have a rough preliminary estimation that could guide decision making without the in depth analysis on a game to game basis. View (english)