Common Problems in Discourse (2017-04-12 18:04)
When speaking publicly, having a conversation or presentation we often fail to avoid some common problems that can have a significant impact on our audience.

Some of those common problems I observed more and more in recent month. Maybe the reason for this is solely that I became aware of them myself, maybe they have been committed more often.

However the main reason I decided to write this entry is my recent attendance of the DjangoCon Europe. Witnessing the poor execution of addressing some fundamental concepts in ethics and philosophy and not explicitly naming concepts and consequences of implicitly assumed concepts did not really help for following certain presented arguments.
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Review: Sam Harris & Jordan B. Peterson - Gender & Human Rights (2017-01-29 13:01)

Sam Harris's latest podcast had Jordan B. Peterson as a guest, who recently got a lot of media attention due to his response to the Bill C16 in Canada [3]. If you want to hear the conversation for yourself you can find it here. In this article I want to address the very first part of the conversation which addressed topics like Gender Identity, Gender Expression, Pronouns and other related issues.

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The case for reasoning in the public sphere (2017-01-26 20:01)

Since everyday live keeps us busy, we do not often think about unusual topics. How many of you have heard of the classic trolley problem in philosophy? Maybe a few, but probably just the minority thought of a solution to this conundrum and are happy with and able to defend their case.

The answer to this conundrum however gives deep insight into other convictions and concepts a person might have. Sam Harris points out that the mind is a connected entity and a strong case can be made that thinking in one area influences reasoning in another one as well.

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